Sunday, February 25, 2007


Epilogue in paragraph E.7 from the book: Socialism by Ludwing Von Mises:

History will call our age the age of the dictators and tyrants. We have witnessed in the last years the fall of two of these inflated supermen. But the spirit which raised these knaves to autocratic power survives. It permeates textbooks and periodicals, it speaks through the mouths of teachers and politicians, it manifests itself in party programmes and in plays and novels. As long as this spirit prevails there cannot be any hope of durable peace, of democracy, of the preservation of freedom or of a steady improvement in the nation's economic well-being.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Global Warming:

Climate change in 3200 BC caused big changes to occur in the Egyptian civilization, in that, it started the pharaoh dynasty in 3000 BC. At the end of an ice age around 6000 BC, the region experienced warmer and wetter climates, and thus, became a time of an easy life of growing and harvesting crops. After 3200 BC, this civilization suffered from two centuries of hot, dry and desert like conditions which we now call the Sahara Desert. The Egyptian civilization covered the entire northern half of Africa and not as we view Egypt on the map today.

The people wanted a leader who could communicate with the Gods and change the climate, and thus, the pharaoh dynasty began. Not only did they grant him the absolute power over the people, but also, made him a god. He did nothing to change the climate, but he did develop an irrigation system from the Nile River, which was a good and noble idea. The following pharaohs became barbaric in their leaderships. Many of the small city-states and the nomads disappeared in the middle of the Sahara Desert during this period. Many made their way to the Nile Valley near the river, while others just vanished. Now you know the rest of the story of how pharaohs came to be.

Similar events occurred in climate changes in the 1700’s BC in China and again in the 1300‘s AD in the Aztec civilization, when they tried to change the climate by offering human sacrifices to the Gods.

In the 1970’s, we had the conference on global cooling in Oslo by many of the same scientists that are screaming today, that global warming will destroy the human race and life on Earth. What would have happened to the American way of life had we fallen for that junk science?

Now it seems that the pharaohs have returned in the form of the Democratic Party and the UN, in that, they want to dictate what we can eat, drink, think, speak and drive. They want to have control over our lives in everyway down to the minutest detail. After all, like the pharaohs, they are little gods on earth. Are we to make sacrifices to these gods, by giving up all that we love and cherish? Are we to sacrifice the first principle of democracy, which is , “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE“, that was passed down from that great Greek statesman, Pericles, through John Locke to Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers? Are we to give up Jefferson’s principle of, “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS.” Are we to sacrifice to these gods, our formal rule of law, ”US CONSTITUTION”, for their so called living and breathing constitution? Are we to sacrifice our natural rights from God, and accept the dictates from the courts without representation? We are to sacrifice all this in the name of Global Warming, or are we really sacrificing all to their altar, the cold, cold state, and to what, an end to freedom which took thousands of years to develop, only to be thrust back to the damp, dark, epoch of barbarism? If not stopped in time, this will end the American way of life as we know it today!

Commentary; Feb. 10, 2007
By Dennis Lamb