Monday, June 05, 2006

Why democrats attack their opponents and not the issues...

I would say that most Democrats have no idea where these political tactics came from. They imitate their leaders who are adept in these tactics and accept the planning strategies that they lay out for them. It, as in the past, takes only one person or a hand full of people who are really adept in the Marxian Doctrines to lead by example, and the rest will see the success it brings, and then imitate their leader or leaders. Marxism has always been a successful tool for the socialist in their strategies to gain power.

From the book Socialism by Ludwig Von Mises published in 1922
Introduction in paragraph I.7

Thus Marxism protects itself against all unwelcome criticism. The enemy is not refuted: enough to unmask him as a bourgeois.*24 Marxism criticizes the achievements of all those who think otherwise by representing them as the venal servants of the bourgeoisie. Marx and Engels never tried to refute their opponents with argument. They insulted, ridiculed, derided, slandered, and traduced them, and in the use of these methods their followers are not less expert. Their polemic is directed never against the argument of the opponent, but always against his person. Few have been able to withstand such tactics.

As a scientific writer Marx was dry, pedantic, and heavy. The gift of expressing himself intelligibly had been denied him. In his political writings alone does he produce powerful effects, and these only by means of dazzling antitheses and of phrases which are easy to remember, sentences which by play of words hide their own vacuity. In his polemics he does not hesitate to distort what his own opponent had said. Instead of refuting he tends to abuse.*1 Here, too, his disciples (his school really exists only in Germany and Eastern Europe, especially in Russia) have faithfully imitated the master's example, reviling their opponents but never attempting to refute them by argument.

However, it is true that we've had instances throughout our history where there were personal attacks on presidents. For instance, Thomas Jefferson suffered personal attacks by the Federalist Party, “Later Democratic Party”, for using the private treaties power to purchase the Louisiana Purchase and thus, they were left out of the decision making. They didn’t debate the issue as this was the greatest land purchase in history so they attacked his person.

But nowhere in our history, has the President been under a continuous attack on every issue that comes to be, until now. This is clearly the Marxian Doctrine, as the Marxist were so busy attacking their opponents, that they had no time to discuss the issues.

From the book Socialism:
Introduction in paragraph I.9
Thus, when one day Marxian Socialism assumed the reins of power, and sought to put its complete programme into practice, it had to recognize that it had no distinct idea of what, for decades, it had been trying to achieve.