Saturday, June 24, 2006

The news media

The news media, for the most part, has always been on the side of the socialists, from the second half of the nineteenth century till present day. Socialism is promulgated from the socialist camps within the universities across this Nation and Europe as well as in other parts of the World. It is a contagion that spreads itself through out the news media and comes to rest in the minds of many lawmakers and judges, and thus, a consensus is formed which shuns those who would think and act otherwise within the various organizations. This is why we have news writers and reporters who are biased to the left.

From the book Socialism: Epilologue in paragraph E.7

History will call our age the age of the dictators and tyrants. We have witnessed in the last years the fall of two of these inflated supermen. But the spirit which raised these knaves to autocratic power survives. It permeates textbooks and periodicals, it speaks through the mouths of teachers and politicians, it manifests itself in party programmes and in plays and novels. As long as this spirit prevails there cannot be any hope of durable peace, of democracy, of the preservation of freedom or of a steady improvement in the nation's economic well-being.

It must be remembered that the professors were the pacemakers of both World Wars, according to the book Socialism. It was their hatred of country and especially that of capitalism that they spread from border to border, which was only waiting for the socialist politicians to direct their hatred toward the bloodshed from within(1).

F. A. Hayek, in his book The Road to Serfdom published in 1944, reminds us that when the war ends, the war from within will have just begun. That the new rise of Nazism will appear different then that of Germany, but the principals will remain the same, that is, the hatred of country and that of capitalism. From the late nineteenth century on, the hatred of wealth and country gave birth to the new National Socialist Party, (The Nazi Party). It is false to point to the national pride and the war mongering of the Nazis and not examining the destruction of the wealth and country prior to this national pride. If you did so, you would be describing the end results of Nazism, not its evolution.

The only Germans who preserved the national pride of the country was the older generation as the younger generation was imbued by the educators towards becoming a world citizen, and unlike that of Germany.

By Dennis Lamb